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 TV Wall Mount
TV Wall Mount Bretford Model #: TVRCAWW3027-BK

Description: Height and width adjustable arms to fit around most TV cabinets. Upper clamp system prevents monitor from sliding forward or backwards. Designed to work with the following RCA Televisions: J27330BL, J27332, J27430 and J27530.

Dimensions Overall: 25 15/16"W x 23 7/8"-27 7/8"H x 10"D
Data: Weight: 38
Freight: 70 UPS
TV Wall Mount Bretford Model #: TVWY20-BK

Description: Mounts 18-1/4" away from the wall. Black. Recommended for use with 19-20" monitors.

Dimensions Overall: 18 3/8-24 1/2"W x 18 1/8-21 5/8"H
Data: Weight: 24
Freight: 70 UPS

 TV Ceiling Mount
TV Ceiling Mount Bretford Model #: TVCC3027-BK

Description: Height and width adjustable arms to fit most TV cabinets. Dual upper clamp system prevents the monitor from sliding forward or backwards. Easy setup = mount the TV on the floor and then lift unit into place on pre-mounted arms.

Dimensions Overall: 24 3/8"-31 1/2"W x 23 7/8"-27 7/8"H x 10"D
Data: Weight: 27
Freight: 70 UPS

 DVD/VCR Bracket
optional vcr tray Bretford Model #: TVCY20TR-BK

Description: Black Ceiling Mount recommended for use with 19-20" monitors. Includes a lower tray and VCR bracket.

Dimensions Overall: 18 3/8-24 1/2"W x 18 1/8-21 5/8"H
Data: Weight: 37
Freight: 70 UPS

 Plasma Screen Mounts
Plasma Screen Mount Peerless LCD Flat/Tilting Wall Mount [no back]
For an exercise room, kitchen, recreation room, or home office; This Wall Mount holds the LCD screen close to the wall yet still offers a 20O tilt range.
  • Adjustable tilt (15o forward, 5 degrees back)
  • Choose phillips or security screws for assembly- both included with each mount
  • Mounting hardware included for wood stud, metal stud, concrete, and drywall walls
Plasma Ceiling Mount Peerless Plasma Ceiling Mount
For Plasma Screen ceiling installations, Peerless offers two bracket styles. PL models (pictured, left) do not include a ceiling plate. PLC models include a structural / finished ceiling plate.
  • 0o to 20 degree adjustable tilt Horizontal or vertical screen positioning
  • All-steel construction
  • Swivel action Security fasteners Black fused epoxy finish
Plasma Wall Mount Peerless Plasma 2000™ Wall
Designed to work with most plasma screens in the 33" to 42" range, the Plasma 2000 is the first "universal" support device for this kind of monitor. Adjustable tilt and swivel provide ideal viewing angles. Designed for easy assembly.
  • Clamping design, 0-30degree forward tilt
  • Front, back and top rollout protection
  • Mounts to wood studs, *metal studs or *concrete
  • All steel construction
  • Scratch resistant black fused epoxy finish

  LCD Projector Mounts
LCD Projector Mount Vector Pro™ LCD Projector Mount
These universal mounts are designed to surround and clamp the projector. Three models are available to handle a wide range of LCD projector sizes. The ball & socket design offers complete, integrated security from the projector to the ceiling and multi-directional positioning for proper lens alignment.

  • Ball and socket design for quick & easy adjustment
  • One security screw adjusts yaw (360 degrees), roll (+/-15 degrees), & pitch (+/-15 degrees)

  •  Chief SLB: Smart-Lift Bracket
    Chief Smart-Lift The SLB Bracket is used when installing a LCD projector in a Smart-Lift unit. All Smart-Lift models require the appropriate hanging bracket be ordered separately. When ordering the bracket for the lift, the SLB portion is all that is needed.